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I Don't Think So !


   If you look up the word Drug in a Dictionary it is defined as " Any substance other than food that can affect the way your mind and body works." There are hundreds of Drugs, and each messes with your nervous system. Narcotics are a series of drugs that affect the mind, causing mental changes. The United tests each of the drugs that exist to see if they are suitable for the public. This takes years sometimes to be approved.


   Unstable drugs, reffered to on the streets as Crack, PCP, Ice, LSD, Speed and many others are made up of several chemical substances wich are made illegally in hidaways with out proper equpment or skills to measure exact amounts - resulting in a drug that no one know's what the after affects will be.


   FACT: Unstable drugs are responsible for killing thousands of young people experimenting with drugs each year. Those who escape death are sometimes confined to a mental institution.

A drug dealer is only interested in your money - not your health.


Always look for sighns !


 Changes in Behavior


Signs of Physical Deterioration


Identification with Drug Culture


Signs of Drugs and Paraphernalia


Dramatic changes in School Performance


Some of life's Dangers


   We are taught as children to avoid danger. In our world there are small creatures like snakes and spiders that if they bite or sting you, you will die. Over 30.000 people a year die from snake bite alone. Just the sight of such living things sends a message of DANGER to the observer and one stays away. There are other dangers out in the world that take more lives than the attacks totaled from those living creatures. The sad part is people is people who suffer from these killers place them into thier own bodies. The end result is the same. So whAT IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Drug Info            Marijuana            Alcohol            Opiates            Inhalants            CNS Stimulints            Cns Depressants